Commonly Asked Questions:

What is The Baked Lady Company?

We are a couple of food and art-loving cannabis enthusiasts who want to help others include cannabis in their rituals.

 We believe in education and demonstration to help normalize cannabis use. We don’t consider ourselves stoners; we prefer Cannasseurs, connoisseurs of cannabis grown with care and accessories with intention.

What is Hemp Extract?

Cannabis Sativa, better known as hemp, is a common agricultural plant that has a variety of uses.  We use a full spectrum hemp oil that is accomplished through a process call cold extraction, which preserves the natural plant benefits, known as cannabinoids, found in hemp.  This allows us to create topical products that are both therapeutic, and focused on holistic self care. You can check out more about these extractions at NuLeaf Naturals.

What Are Cannabinoids?

Cannabinoids are molecules found in cannabis, as well as food like cocoa and flaxseed. The most well-known cannabinoids at the moment are THC, or Tetrahydrocannabinol; and CBD or Cannabidiol. There are also CBN, CBG, and CBC which have not been as researched as THC and CBD. CBD has a big role in aiding THC in this medicinal effectiveness. Most of the common knowledge comes from community sharing experiences and great cannabis resources like Leafly. We aim to stay up to date as more scientific research becomes available.

Will CBD get me high?

No, CBD is non-psychoactive, however, you may experience a calming sensation, like that first bite of a really decadent chocolate cake.

What are Terpenes?

Terpenes are the aromatic molecules found in plants. Terpenes can be extracted from hemp to mimic the smell of a strain, without the skunky-ness that comes with whole plant material. 

How do I know my dose?

The generally accepted “dose” is 5-10mg, however, this can vary person to person and also the ratio of THC (if you are taking both cannabinoids). Someone who just wants to add some calm to their day may just need 5mg, while someone who wants to ease some aches may need up to 50mg or more. The mode of intake can also change how CBD affects you. Ingestion is better for an overall sense of relaxation while topical is recommended for aches and pains. Start low and add as needed. Feel free to email us with questions about doses or recommended products.

Why don’t you have any THC items?

At the moment we can only legally offer CBD, or other hemp-derived products because anything with a THC cannabis is illegal federally and highly restricted in Massachusetts. There is some grey area with cannabis specifically grown to have no THC but because it’s still the female plants and not hemp they are federally illegal. Currently, there is no known difference between CBD from hemp and CBD from cannabis. Until we expand into THC containing items we have curated CBD items that enhance and extend your high.

Our THC containing items will eventually be sold through licensed retailers in Massachusetts ONLY, we are unable to ship any THC containing products as long as it remains federally illegal.

Where can your items be shipped?

Currently, we only offer shipping on our CBD products for the contiguous US, and to states which allow CBD to be sold.