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Signs of Summer

We spent a lot of time considering how we wanted to approach our new botanical cannabis inspired body-care line.  A good amount of research and experimentation (cough-cough) went into determining our favorite strain profiles that we wanted to highlight, which was followed by enough fragrance combinations to make you go nose-blind to the scent of cannabis in general.  What we finally landed on was a collection of signature, unisex fragrances, that smell great on, or even just softly perfuming the room, post smoke-out. Each scent draws from some of our own personal favorite moments of Summer.

Elderflower & Nightbloom

Cannabis Terpene Profile:


One of our first picks was Blue Dream, a classic, a well rounded sativa dominant hybrid, known for it’s sweet, berry-tart aroma. Oh yeah and it’s also a perfectly balanced flower type for Summer.

Elderflower & Nightbloom Blue Dream collection is perfect for:

Cool Summer Nights
Daytime Thunderstorms 
Little Moments of Quiet

"Each scent was carefully selected and handcrafted. We wanted this line to highlight how versatile an ingredient cannabis truly is."

Pomelo & Freesia

Cannabis Terpene Profile:


This strain is one of our favorites for a stimulating creative boost, and we wanted the notes we paired with it to be equally as bright and energetic.  With a citrus oil and fresh pine base we wanted to make sure we highlight the strains natural terpene profile and not disguise it. 

Pomelo & Freesia Trainwreck Collection is great for:

Boosting Creativity
Post Workout Refresher
Surf & Sun Days